How to enjoy life more? Add joy to your to-do list

If goals are our destination and trip there is our life – do you enjoy the journey, are you focusing so much on the destination that what along the way ceases to matter? 

That was unexpected holidays a few years back when it happened that I had almost two weeks to be used before the new tax year. Middle of fall, but still sunny and I could enjoy doing nothing. For some reason, I couldn’t fly anywhere then. Then I thought that I really want to use this time, I want this vacation to end with wonderful memories, no to just pass as any other days. So I made a plan. A plan of all the cool things I wanted to include in these two weeks. I stuck to it and happily ticked off a list of things like Tarantino’s new movie at the cinema or a very long walk in the forest. We’d all like to have a checklist like this, right? So why don’t we?

Pleasure planning should become our habit as well as planning duties

It often seems like things like enjoyment and pleasures do not require planning. However, even more often, in the chaos of everyday life and the rush of things, we simply forget to make ourselves happy. We tick off duties and tasks from the daily list, where there was no room for regular joy. And yes, we are getting closer to the goals, we are getting closer to the destination, but we don’t enjoy it on the way. 

Even when I reach my biggest goals, which will take a lot of time and energy, I want to turn around and see more than the tedious path towards them, I want to think: It was a damn good time!

How can we be sure that we will fill this time with moments that we will remember fondly? Simply: plan it!

Plan your pleasures as you plan your tasks 

Now when I make the monthly plan alongside the deadlines and things that have to be done I create a special section. This is where the things I want to do in a given month that will bring me joy end up.

Even if it seems silly at first, believe me, even planning your pleasure is already fun. You can combine the pleasure list with anything that brings you joy, peace of mind, everything that correlates with self-love and life affirmation. 

On my list of joys, there are things that I love or want to try. Let me share with you few examples from one month: 

 ✓  watching a black and white movie with a glass of wine

 ✓  reading in bed for several hours

   beer tasting evening with my friends

   watching old horror movies and snacking

 ✓  wandering in the streets of the city

 ✓  watching sunset

 ✓  cooking new delicious food

 ✓  home spa evening

 ✓  picnic in the park instead of dinner

✓  digging internet to find new, inspiring music

Of course, coming to favourite things, we are limited now by current situations, but there are still so many of them that can bring us joy! If you are not sure what to include in this list, just think about your favourite stuff. This may refer to hobbies, entertainment, other people, places, new things to do. 

Tasks are important, goals in life are important, but it’s just as important to go through life and be able to say it was fun! What I sincerely wish you!

Share with us what nice things are you planning to do this month?

(photo by Noah Silliman)

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