Screw destiny. Bend fate in your favour

Do not be afraid, I will not read cards, the crystal ball nor write about destiny. I used that word because it somehow fits with how we arrange ourselves in this world. The “destiny” that the world and society create for each of us. We all participate in the relay race. We run, we collect and hand over the baton. A baton of origin, race, social class, cultural conditions, education, attitude to life. We are conditioned by what our older generations pass on to us. Unfortunately, these aren’t always great things.

If you read this on your laptop or a phone sitting comfortably in the nice apartment you can consider yourself a lucky one. You are not among the billion people who don’t have access to electricity, nor the 150 million people with nowhere to live. Also, you’re among 57% of people who have access to the internet. This is a good start. In this case, you do not have to worry about problems related to the satisfaction of basic needs. Like the one that you have to eat to survive. Probably you never had to think about such a problem. Well, 690 million people worldwide had*.

As you can see, the very fact of coming into the world at a certain point in time and a certain place has a huge impact on how our life turns out. Fortunately, today we can have more influence over it than ever. People who break out of the loop of poverty, violence and undereducation prove it.

You can get away from the inheritance of fear and failure

In many families addictions, mental illnesses, depression or debts flow from generation to generation. We absorb components of the environment in which we grow up. We mirror it. We become it.

And yes, we can talk about the genetic legacy, but here I want to point out something else, something very important. How we inherit life, or rather the way we live, not even realizing it.

Parents hand down the patterns of behaviour that we unknowingly incarnate into our lives. It depends on them what our attitude to development, money, relationships and creativity is. Staring at a generational sequence of hopelessness, we often become a part of it ourselves, we continue it. But it doesn’t have to be that way. We can breakthrough.

Photo by Velizar Ivanov

Change unwanted inheritance

We are growing in a bubble, every one of us. Our world is hermetic and has fixed boundaries, the crossing of which seems unreal. We are locked in patterns that we often do not perceive ourselves.

Sometimes it could feel good. It’s hard to complain if we come from a wealthy family that supports us and when every choice in life is a choice between good and better. Sometimes, however, what we inherit is a world of poverty, prejudice, lack of education and often violence. We accept the existing reality, thinking that “it has always been this way”.

And we have no idea we can get out of this vicious circle. It is possible to not take the baton of failure handed down from generation to generation. It is possible to end up this generation race.

So can everyone change their life ?

Whoever you are and in whatever circumstances you are believe that it can be better. Whatever change you are looking for it has to start in you. It must sprout watered by faith that a better life is possible. This is the beginning of the process.

Look around and determine exactly: where are you on the map of life and where do you want to go? Will it be a long journey? Do you have the right equipment? If not, how can you get it? What are you missing to get there? Is it graduating from school, learning a language, developing a specific skill? Do you have the conditions to make up for what you are missing? Is there anything you need to change about yourself or about your habits?

And please don’t say you don’t have time. The world knows of adolescent mothers living in huts in African provinces who, despite their poverty, lack of access to basic goods or education, domestic violence and family responsibilities, somehow managed to do a PhD. So what’s your excuse?

*according to Actions Against Hunger more than 690 million people still go hungry (State of Food Insecurity and Nutrition in the World 2020 online summary)

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