If you don’t realize this one thing now, you’ll hate yourself later

It was a few weeks ago when I was already in my pyjamas, settling comfortably in bed with a laptop, intending to write, when I heard a motorbike roar, a doorbell, and two of my friends shouting under my window, calling me downstairs. ‘Oh, no’ I said hanging from the window ‘My hair is wet, I’m technically tucked in, and I have some writing to do’. ‘Let’s go Strawberry Hall’ (this magic phrase means my latest favourite place on earth. Ok, my favourite pub) I’ve heard, and in five minutes, after jumping in some random jeans and old hoodie, we were driving through dark wild roads behind Dublin. If I stay in bed, I wouldn’t hear all those stories my friend was telling about old Indian legends she read in some cool book, I wouldn’t stare my eyes at this huge full moon that emerged from beyond the wooded horizon. I had a better time than on those evenings when I choose my dress carefully, style my hair, and put on perfect makeup for forty minutes. Here’s the thing:

You can’t be prepared for everything.

Is it good or bad – you can’t predict or plan everything. There will be a time when life will serve you things you’re not expecting. There will be a time that everything might drastically change. There will be a time when you will have to choose once again, possibly change direction or make few unplanned movements. And this is ok, you know why? Because having a good life plan means having a flexible life plan.

Take what life serves you

Sometimes things that go around you might be just distractors for your big goal, but sometimes they’re happening there for a reason. If Universe decides that you need some time in a rural pub under a full moon, take it, accept it and enjoy it! The world won’t collapse if you bend your planner a little.

Don’t miss out on cool things

Be aware of your surroundings. Maybe you are so focused on the things that are part of your big plans that you’re missing out on cool things that could happen to you. Realize that when you just look straight ahead, miracles may be happening behind you. So don’t stick mindlessly to everything, because all things flow in life. Don’t be afraid to change your plans, add something, or delete it. Don’t close yourself to new people, new things, and opportunities. If someone or something is calling, answer. It is a force greater than ourselves that gives a sign that you need something.

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