4 exercises for your mind that will raise your vibration

Tesla has already talked about the fact that the universe can be understood in terms of vibrations. Although it is sometimes difficult to imagine it, everything around us is energy. Energy creates material things, just like our thoughts and emotions. That is why it’s so important what energy we surround ourselves with because energy can be negative as well as positive, it vibrates at different frequencies. Everything is energy, and everything is connected – body, mind, universe. Here are four exercises that you can use to raise your frequency.

1. A shot of gratitude

Gratitude is like a signal you are sending out to the Universe, thereby drawing attention to what you desire to appear in your life. The more thankful you are, the more things you are that you are grateful for. Make a list of everything you are grateful for (you will be surprised that the list will be longer than you expected). Gratitude is for big things as well as for small ones, so get creative.

What could it be for you? Having a healthy body, living in a war-free zone, having a roof over your head, and nutritious meals every day? An efficient mind, a job, someone who loves you? Maybe new opportunities, kick-ass dreams or plans, some extraordinary talents? Or maybe you can be grateful for these wonderful afternoons in the café around the corner where you can sit, reading a novel while September leaves falling to your cup of caramel latte?

Update your list often, and everyday write down at least three things that you are grateful for.

2. Heart and brain coherence

I wrote more about heart and brain coherence in previous articles, so here I’ll give you just a sneak peak. The heart and brain have electromagnetic communication and send information to each other. Coherence is a smooth, sine-wave-like pattern in the heart rate variability trace. It all comes down to the emotions we experience – they directly affect our heart rhythm pattern. Every emotion sends a very different signal throughout our body.

The simplest way to experience it is through meditation. Sit down in silence, breathe slowly, close your eyes, and put your hand on your heart. Be in your heart. Now, summon feelings of love, gratitude, joy – really feel them. If you find it hard to do it on command, start with a thought, think about someone you love, or something you are grateful for. Fill yourself with these feelings and keep your attention focused on your heart. Even a few minutes a day of such meditation will bring surprising results. Of course, you can go further and delve into this topic, in which case I recommend getting to known Joe Dispenza.

3. A kick-ass vision

Imagine the most wonderful vision of yourself and your life and cultivate it daily. Manifest and visualize, feed on it, imagine it is already happening. Fall asleep with a picture of what you want to happen under your eyelids. Carve this picture in your mind. Be bold, don’t be afraid to dream. As Jen Sincero wrote in one of her books:

When you remember that you’re riding on a ball in infinitive space with a humongous star of molten fire exploding over your head and that simply being alive is a near-death experience, the concept of playing it safe suddenly seems as ridiculous as it is. Heed the hollerings of your heart, grab hold of the horns of uncertainty, and steer the snorting beast in the direction of your wildest dreams. 1

4. Go to the mental gym

A mental gym is everything that can improve your motivation, self-awareness, confidence, and well-being. You can choose from countless amounts of books, videos, magazines, blogs, e-books, audiobooks, articles, podcasts, seminars, courses. You can create your self-coaching practice based on the knowledge gained from professional sources. So next time, instead of watching another meaningless episode of some silly TV/Netflix drama, maybe you’ll reach for a thing that will bring new values to your life, teach you something, or give you a different perspective?

Ready for some life transformation? Remember, every journey begins with a first step, and the power of small changes is priceless.

And how do you keep your vibes high? Do you have favourite authors or podcasts? Share in comments below.

1 J. Sincero, You are a badass every day, London: John Murray Learning 2020, p.77.

Photo by Upesh Manoush on Unsplash

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