4 exercises for your mind that will raise your vibration

Tesla has already talked about the fact that the universe can be understood in terms of vibrations. Although it is sometimes difficult to imagine it, everything around us is energy. Energy creates material things, just like our thoughts and emotions. That is why it’s so important what energy we surround ourselves with because energy can be negative as well as positive, it vibrates at different frequencies. Everything is energy, and everything is connected – body, mind, universe. Here are four exercises that you can use to raise your frequency.

The subtle art of being vulnerable

Kitsugi is the Japanese art of repairing ceramic with resin and powdered gold. Instead of covering up the imperfections of the item, the kintsugi masters make them an asset. The “wounds” stained with the gold make the damaged object even more beautiful. The ‘golden scars’ makes it unique and special. Behind this lies the philosophical concept that teaches us that beauty lies in imperfection, in what is fragile and ephemeral.

Take control of your mind

Life isn’t comfortable if your thoughts are filled with fear, doubt, sadness, hate, or jealousy. It’s not easy to make your dreams come true when there’s a little saboteur in your head who whispers you can’t make it, you don’t deserve it, you’re worse, you’re too stupid, too ugly, too fat, too thin, too old, too poor…Most of us had to deal with these unpleasant promptings at one time. But how to deal with it in the long run?