Can you unlearned learned helplessness?

Of course, you can sit all your life on the couch staring at the TV and chewing on your complaints, blaming the whole world for being unhappy, feel great injustice for how the world and other people treated you, and expect compassion from others. It’s easy to stay in a world built up with excuses that makes you feel better because you don’t feel like trying.

Three things that will help you get a life you want

Do you sometimes get the feeling that you are not keeping up with everything that is said in the world of great self-development? So many tactics, so many strategies and coaching programmes out there, that it is becoming overwhelming. The truth is that we all want better lives, so we are trying and trying, we are putting ourselves in some mind wrecking theories or woo-woo practices. But I tell you one thing; you can make significant changes in your life without reading each book on how to be happy, or without ten years of therapy with a Zen master. And it doesn’t matter if you are at the beginning your self-development trip, or you already walked a few miles this road. There are three things that you have to realise to achieve what you want in life. Interested? Please, be my guest.